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Say Goodbye to Itchy Athlete’s Feet

Clinically proven, safe and natural treatment for athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis), jock itch and ringworm. Provides soothing, itch relief for most fungal infections. Safe for children over 3 years. Our p…

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Best in Class Natural Deodorants with up to 72 Hour Protection

Looking for a safe, non irritating all natural deodorant? Look no further. Our amazing eco friendly deodorants;

* provide up to 72 hour odour protection

* formulated entirely from premium qualit…

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Take Control of Hayfever Season with our Allergic Rhinitis Nose Balm

Our safe, all natural herbal blend of Shea Butter, Black Seed and Tamanu oils helps prevent, reduce and minimize runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms of allergic rhinitus.

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Release your inner beauty with our pore refining lines of purifying facial muds

Restore your complexion’s natural heath and glow with our purifying line of deep cleansing, pore refining and rejuvenating Beauty Mud treatments for all skin types.
 Leaves skin bright, healthy and r…

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Healing Lip Smoothies – Healing botanical lip balm therapy for dry, cracked and fragile lips needing a little extra TLC…

Formulated with virgin Coconut oil for natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-oxidant protection. Provides long lasting moisture retention to keep your lips silky soft because you just never know when your lips might be called into action.

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Damask Rose Restorative Beauty Serum – for the Empress in every woman

Damask Rose Restorative Beauty Serum

Featuring the essence of over 40,000 certified organic Damask Roses in every bottle. Absorbs rapidly to immediately to restore elasticity and radiance to damaged and tired complexions.

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Virgin Coconut Body Silk gives rough uneven skin a silky smooth, ‘need to be caressed’ texture and healthy sheen

Virgin Coconut Body Silk

Dedicated to all the coconut lovers out there we bring you the latest creations from our hard at work formulation elves – Virgin Coconut Body Silks.

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Bug Perfume – the safe, all natural way to get rid of pesky biting critters

Real life tested in one of the most intense biting bug environments on the planet , the great Canadian outdoors, where mosquitos and black flies rule without fear and our giant horse flies are so big you can saddle up and ride them into town.

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Welcome to the Sensually Silky World of ‘Cold Crafted’ Natural Soap

If you haven't already indulged yourself in the silky caress of our industry leading natural "Cold Crafted " soaps then we invite you to experience the natural advantage for yourself. We're confident you'll agree... there really is a world of difference.

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