Damask Rose Restorative Beauty Serum – for the Empress in every woman

Damask Rose Restorative Beauty SerumImmediately renew your complexion’s natural health, elasticity and firmness with our intensive line of nutrient rich Beauty Serums.

Rapidly corrects, improves and protects your skin from the ravages of daily pollution. Turn back the clock…naturally!

What is it? – intensive restorative eye and facial serum for dry, mature and damaged skin featuring certified  organic damask rose essential oil

What does it do?

Helps restore dry, mature and damaged skin to a more youthful feel and appearance

Evens out and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

Protects skin from free radical damage caused by exposure to daily pollution by providing strong anti-oxidant protection

Provides long lasting moisture retention to keep your skin silky soft

Speeds damaged skin and wound healing

Usage –  Apply 2 to 4 drops each morning and evening to slightly damp or wet freshly cleansed face until absorbed. Keep out of eyes. Use within 4 months of opening. Excess serum on the face may be diluted by simply splashing face with warm water and patting dry..

Ingredients – Organic oils of pomegranate, camellia, sweet almond, evening primrose, meadowfoam, shea butter and olive, essential oils of damask rose*, rose geranium* and palmarosa     * certified organic

Available in the following standard sizes / packaging:

15ml amber or white glass bottle / outer tube / label

45ml amber or white glass bottle / outer tube / label

1L aluminum bulk spa size can