About Essex County Naturals

Happily serving our valued clients since 2000, Essex County Naturals is a Canadian owned and operated developer and manufacturer of all natural Private Label soap, spa and skincare products that just happens to be based in Beijing, China. We currently ship to over 600 clients in 45 countries across the globe including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and many more. We are one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers in our industry and make products for both new and existing brands worldwide. Our company and CEO Darren Moore have been featured in over 17 documentaries and over a hundred print and online media articles over the years. The Canadian Prime Minister’s wife even toured our factory back in 2014. Despite our ongoing growth we remain at heart a family based company and every product we make must be pure, safe and good enough for our own family members to use before we’ll make it for another.

Our Mission

At Essex County Naturals our mission is actually very simple. Its really all about the choices we make each and every day.

  • We choose to make truly natural soap, spa and skincare products that are good for your health, good for your soul and good for the environment.
  • We choose to use time tested, natural and organic ingredients from producers that employ earth friendly and sustainable harvesting practices.
  • We choose not to use any harmful synthetic chemicals, fragrance, colourants, preservatives and animal ingredients in any of our products…ever.
  • We choose to make our products fresh every day in small batches in order to maintain the highest quality standards.
  • We choose to manufacture our products in a pollution free manner in harmony with our environment and to conserve our earth’s resources by using recycled packaging materials whenever possible.
  • We choose to help our customers better understand the nature of our products and ingredients because every customer has the right to know what they are putting on or in their body.
  • We choose to treat our employees, suppliers, customers and all the people within our circle of influence with respect and dignity.

So you see it really is all about choices… live healthy, love unconditionally, respect nature

Environmentally friendly, organic, vegan, completely biodegradable and never tested on animals you can rest assured that Essex County Naturals is… your choice for private label & wholesale soap, bath & skincare!