Take Control of Hayfever Season with our Allergic Rhinitis Nose Balm

Our safe, all natural herbal blend of Shea Butter, Black Seed and Tamanu oils helps prevent, reduce and minimize runny nose, sneezing and other symptoms of allergic rhinitus. It works both by coating the outside and inside of your nasal passage with a moisturizing and calming lipid barrier that stops and traps allergens from entering your body as well as by modulating your body’s immune system response to allergens. If less allergens enter your body then potential allergic reactions are greatly reduced and in many cases even stopped completely.

* formulated entirely from premium quality botanical ingredients

* safe for babies, children and adults

* safe for pregnant and breast feeding mothers

* easy to use and apply

* drug and synthetic chemical free

* BPA and plastic free packaging

* environmentally friendly

* can also be used to calm and sooth sore, red and inflamed nose skin

Usage – apply to outside and inside of nasal cavity first thing each morning and before sleep during allergy season or anytime you might be exposed to inhaled allergens. Can also be used during Colds to help reduce nasal discharge and sinus pain