Damask Rose

Damask Rose Facial Beauty Serum

Damask Rose – Natural Age Defying Facial Serum

Absorbs rapidly to immediately restore elasticity and radiance to damaged and tired complexions. Formulated with nutrient and anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate oil for enhanced moisture barrier and daily pollution protection and rejuvenating certified organic essential oils of Bulgarian Damask Rose and Rose Geranium to soothe irritated skin and stimulate skin cell renewal.

Regular use will help preserve and maintain a youthful complexion, fade wrinkle lines, soften and smooth rough skin and brighten dull dry complexions.

TIP: Use in combination with one of our gentle facial cleansing soaps and hydrating floral water skin tonics to optimize your daily skin care health regimen.

Age Prevention, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Oxidant Protection, Damage Repair, Moisturizer
Sensual, Restorative
All Ages
Apply 2 to 4 drops each morning and evening to slightly damp or wet freshly cleansed face until absorbed. Keep out of eyes. Use within 4 months of opening. Excess serum on the face may be diluted by simply splashing face with warm water and patting dry.
Evening Primrose oil, Pomegranate oil, 0.4% Damask Rose essential oil
Organic oils of pomegranate, camellia, sweet almond, evening primrose, meadowfoam, shea butter and olive, essential oils of rose*, rose geranium* and palmarosa * certified organic
14ml / 0.47floz, 45ml / 1.5floz or 1L / 33.8floz
Amber, cobalt blue or white glass 'boston' style bottles with outer mahogany colour paper can or aluminum bulk can
Shelf life is up 16 months or more if stored in cool, dark and dry conditions. Use within 4 months of opening for optimal results
Wholesale, private label, custom and bulk natural and organic beauty serum