Damascena Rose

Rose Wholesale Floral Water Skin Tonic

Damascena Rose Floral Hydrosol Skin Tonic

An extra gentle skin tonic featuring the bio active water soluable nutrients and living essence of the entire Rose flower that instantly re-hydrates, revitalizes, firms and tones, dry dull complexions.

TIP: Use with our gentle facial cleansing soaps, purifying beauty muds and beauty serums to optimize your daily skin care health regimen.

Hydrating, Soothing, Toning, Balancing
Sensual, Uplifting
Rosey Herbal
All Ages
Spray on face in the morning, at work, in the evening before bed or anytime your complexion feels dry and tired.
100% Rosa damascena floral water distillate
14ml / 0.47floz, 45ml / 1.5floz or 1L / 33.8floz
Amber, cobalt blue or white glass 'boston' style bottles with outer mahogany colour paper can or aluminum bulk can
Shelf life is up 16 months or more if stored in cool, dark and dry conditions. Use within 4 months of opening for optimal results
Wholesale, private label, custom and bulk natural and organic floral water